Friday, June 23, 2006

KDE's better than a kick in the face

I attended the Canonical Ubuntu Paris Developer Summit this week. Several other KDE representatives attended and we "Spread the KDE Love" to use a popular term. I am certain that it will take quite some persuading to get me to come back to Paris again.

On the first day of summer there was a huge musical festival with millions of people walking through the streets and having a good time. Unfortunately at the end of the evening we came upon a group of 5 North Africans beating the living shit out of a Frenchman. Sebastian Kuegler (from now on known as "my hero") jumped in to help the poor man and in return got a kick in the face :-(


  1. First part is well... how to code *giggles* Seriously! Be comfy, be with friends, be in bed... lounge, relax, and code ;) (what did you think i was gonna say? ;) )

    Second part: Damn, Sebas, that is a scary eye you got there! Totally with Kenneth, though - good initiative, i'm not sure i'd have been able to gather myself together and help there!

  2. Admirable for sure. I'd not likely have intervened. But I'm a short arse.

  3. Oh man, alone against 5 rowdies? You're the king, sebas!
    (Can't we use that for marketing? You know, something like...
    KDE - Suffering to save mankind ;-D )

  4. I'm ashamed of my country... -____-'

  5. Well, in terms of bus numbers it certainly wasn't too smart. I made sure I'm fine, no problem with my eye. The blue (Pantone200C, anyone?) colour will vanish in the near future, and the broken glasses are replaceable.

    Found a good reason to wear sunglasses at night, for extra coolness points, though. I've prescription glasses so I can see (-3.5dpt don't really make life easier when travelling ...).

    Remember, when someone beats me up, it's your turn. (Or someone else's, for that matter.)

  6. oo bad programming skills don't help in real life otherwise they would be sitting on the moon contemplating what they've done but as it is reality was cough* cough* kicking ;)

  7. Some people may misinterpret "Spreading KDE love" and seeing three guys in a bed ;) They might think of KDE as some new sex-driven disease and that would do no good for KDE pr would it ;)??

  8. Wow sebas is totally my hero as well :)

  9. Please tell me you really, REALLY hurt them.

    ... PLEASE!

    But also, was the Frenchman all right at the end of it? 5-on-1 can mean death in the space of seconds. Really not cool. :(

  10. Wow, Sebas it's almost KDE blue indeed.

    Ken: You start to look more and more like me with your progressing baldness ;-) Let's both wear those vibrant blue shirts again and we'll look like twins separated at birth!


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