Sunday, April 03, 2011

Springtime in Germany

This weekend the weather in Frankonia was superb. Mid 80'S, blue sky and sunshine.  What better reason is there to take a bike trip with the family?

Pumping along on my bike I felt the sun on my skin for the first time this year.  It was wonderful.

Near the river we spread out a blanket to lay in the sun.  Jonathan made a mess trying to get his feet wet and a raft came by with two women and a man paddling after a lost pair of shoes floating downstream, they finally caught up with them. Everything was well in the world.

Relaxed, refreshed, reinvigorated I spent some time testing out a new (to me) nikkor objective I received as a long-time loan from a friend.

Manual everything, 135mm 1:2.  It's incredibly sharp if you can focus it well with a modern DSLR (without a focusing screen).  When you get it right it is amazing. I should probably rephrase that: it is amazing if you get it right but when you do it is really amazing :-)


  1. It's the mid-80s in Germany? :P

  2. On the weekend it was (amazing!) but luckily we're back to cold and rain now


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