Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ubuntu Visual Identity

Drum roll please....
After a *lot* of amazing effort from the Canonical design team I am pleased to announce that preliminary Ubuntu visual identity is online and available to all!.

If you've never worked through such a process before the amount of work truly involved will astound you. Every piece fits perfectly into a well-thought master plan and is lovingly executed.

As this propagates throughout the project and materials it will become clear that everything fits together like puzzle pieces. Hats off to everyone who devoted their skill and love to make this a reality.


  1. I like the new brandmark. It's similar to Apple brandmark evolution. Why? Because the original Apple logo had many colours, and the new ones only have one colour. It's happening the same with the Ubuntu logo. It's not bad or good. Just a point of view.

  2. Many thanks for this. :)

    Am I right that in the PDF file, new Ubuntu font is used? Is it available for download already? That would be great!

    One more question: what about the rest of colour palette. where is aubergine?

  3. The font is not ready just yet. Once it is, we'll announce it.

    But yes, you are right that the font is being used in the pdf document :-)

  4. Wow!! This document really excites me about the level of professionalism and care Canonical is putting into their branding these days. This can only bode well for the future.

    Check this out and see how far Canonical has come:

  5. Le problème, c'est qu'il existe désormais plusieurs "identités visuelles Ubuntu". L'ancienne est encore présente sur le site officiel. Par ailleurs le site officiel n'est pas attrayant visuellement.//The problem is that there exists from now on several Ubuntu visual identities. The old is still present on the official website. In addition the official website is not attracting visually.


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