Monday, May 26, 2008

UDS Intrepid

I spent the last week in Prague at the Ubuntu Developer Summit working on our next release, the Intrepid Ibex. In my eyes this was the best UDS yet. Pretty soon you'll be noticing some pretty major changes in the artwork. Due to Intrepid being the first release of the next LTS cycle and because it is still pre-alpha we have pretty much free reign to test out some wild ideas, so keep an eye out (and don't bitch too much!).

Stephan Hermann noticed the pics and short video of myself singing Whiskey in the Jar (for the first time) and invited me to sing Karaoke with him this weekend at Linuxtag in Berlin. Lucky for him, I'll be attending Linuxtag again this year. Stephan mentioned that I was not there last year but actually I did show up for one day, we must have missed each other :-(

After returning I went directly to band practice and in the space of 3 hours we recorded 4 songs...all in all the last couple of weeks have been great :-)


  1. any hints as to the artwork direction?

  2. For starters we will be testing a dark theme. More to come after that...

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    I was talking with Amit Kucheria and told him how much I love the Brown/Orange colour scheme in Ubuntu.
    He said, that besides you, I was the only person who says that.

    So, don't worry, you've got an ally on the brown/orange colour scheme ;-)
    Please don't replace it with something else :-)


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