Thursday, December 28, 2006

internal Oxygen Icon meeting minutes

This evening I wrote a blog entry about this and then lost everything I wrote. What it is again, I hope that this once again explains the meeting we had tonight about the Oxygen Icons...

We decided:

1) to start a style guide...Oxygen Style Guide Working Ground

2) a naming spec wiki page

3) a list of basic KDE icons needed for the first release. Aaron Seigo is helping with this. He is our developer contact with a gold tooth. Honestly, I think that Aaron has done more for KDE4 artwork than any other developer (although we have had a lot of help, which has amazed me).

4) to go through the icons to make ensure consistency (this will be a reoccurring process. We will begin with the action icons to make sure they have the same shadow and size Nuno Pinhiero promised to do this because he was the creator of the shadow for the action icons.

all in all, there is now a lot more info on ... check it out!

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