Monday, September 19, 2005

SUSE 10.0 available soon!

Sometime soon the 10.0 will come out (no idea exactly when, so no new news here) and we will all live in heavenly bliss at the amazing new features - check the reduced boot time - about 20 seconds quicker on my powerbook compared to the 9.3.

Oh, yeah, there is that "little thing" about an available PPC distro - long live SUSE PPC! The developers put their hard earned time into this because they love it and deserve a big "Thank You" from all of us. As an old-school SUSE employee I can clearly remember when our PPC Box sold quite a few more in America than anyone expected.

My first dabblings with boot graphics were, in fact, on PPC, starting with the first non-official SUSE PPC "releases".

How many Distro's use the bootsplash or related ideas? Quite a few. It is amazing what can come out of a few months drinking and smoking too much with a good friend after hours at work. Good job, huh? Think again. At the time we were unloved for wasting our time on this stuff. Years later was I told by a former boss that he was amazed that the bootsplash stuff is here to stay although "we" didn't even want it at the time. Funny, how that works.

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